Our History

Graham Capital History

Graham Healthcare Capital is an affiliate of Graham Healthcare Group a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company (NYSE:GHC). GHC is a diversified holding company whose operations include educational services; television broadcasting; online, print and local TV news; home health and hospice care; and manufacturing.

Graham Holdings Company traces its roots to 1875, has been in the Graham family since 1933, and the family has been living the long-term buy-and-hold strategy made famous by Berkshire Hathaway ever since. In fact, Warren Buffett retired from the company’s board of directors in 2011 after serving 37 years.

To learn more about Graham Holdings, visit ghco.com, and to learn more about Graham Healthcare Group, visit grahamhealthcaregroup.com

Management Approach

The Graham Holdings Company management approach permeates to its affiliates and the decisions we make on a daily basis.


All our management efforts are directed toward informing people through education and media by providing educational services and producing content of the highest quality. We’re equally committed to high standards of customer satisfaction in all business units.

Intrinsic Long-term Value

Our major responsibility toward shareholders is to increase the Company’s intrinsic value by growing earnings over the long term. We pay little attention to quarterly results, and we’re willing to sacrifice short-term gains for greater returns in the future. We aim to be wise and careful stewards of our shareholders’ investment.


Graham Holdings operates in a decentralized manner. While sharing common goals and values, each of the Company’s divisions has its own identity, workplace culture and way of doing business.

Risk Taking

Finding better ways to serve customers, combat competitors and grow our businesses requires taking risks. We know that not every new effort is going to succeed, but we don’t let fear of failure inhibit creative thinking. At the same time, we hate to make the same mistake twice.

Operating Efficiency

We take pride in running extremely lean and efficient operations that keep costs down without sacrificing our standards for quality.


Graham Holdings aims to be a responsible corporate citizen, and there are many ways we contribute to and serve the communities in which we do business.

Career Development

Graham Holdings strives to be an exceptional place for people to work and a leader in hiring and promoting women and minorities. The Company actively promotes diversity.