Meet the people you will be working with

At Graham Healthcare Capital we place value in culture and integrity, you will experience that with every team member you interface with.

Graham Healthcare Capital Team

David Curtis

Managing Partner

We bring not only capital, but also extensive operational expertise to our portfolio companies.

Justin DeWitte

Managing Partner

We employ a buy-and-hold strategy, allowing our portfolio companies the freedom to make decisions that are best for the long-term

Jim Ward

Managing Director

We are the ideal solution for the business that needs capital, but who wants a long-term partner for growth as well.

Michele Oglesby

Operating Partner

We focus on resource allocation to create value and ensure our portfolio companies have the greatest opportunity to thrive in today’s healthcare market.

Jake Fait

Senior Associate

We provide insights to our portfolio company leaders and drive lasting growth through operational improvements.

Denise Henderson

Executive Assistant

Our unique distribution sharing model provides management with long-term liquidity and further upside.

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