Graham Healthcare Capital

Providing permanent capital and operational expertise for owners and operators of small- to medium-sized healthcare companies.



Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Graham Healthcare Capital (GHCC) provides permanent capital solutions to acquire middle-market healthcare service and technology companies. Our principals bring significant healthcare operational expertise to our partnerships with business owners.

Unlike traditional private equity, we employ a low-leverage, buy-and hold strategy, partnering with ownership teams over a longer-term investment horizon. This strategy allows for decision making that is best for the company and its management.


Why Graham?

Do you need a new game plan? Our goal is to provide an attractive long-term platform for owners and operators of small to medium-sized privately held companies that provide value in the delivery and administration of healthcare.

We are permanent/long-term capital seeking:

  • Consumer/customer monopolies
  • Mission-critical products or services
  • Desire to reinvest to grow the business
  • No intent to exit or predetermined exit timeline
  • We are operators first
  • We bring expertise in all stages of growth
  • We apply lower leverage than traditional PE
  • We focus exclusively on healthcare
  • We are the only capital partner the company will ever need
  • Access to capital and reserves of a public company with a dedicated, focused team.

A Unique Approach

Traditional private equity seeks to buy businesses and parlay them for greater value in the short term, typically within three to five years. This view and strategy can lead to decisions that maximize their value upon exit, but are sub-optimal for the company’s long-term viability.

GHCC, on the other hand, employs a long-term partnership approach: we want to be the sole capital partner the company and ownership will need for the remainder of the life of the business. In addition, we bring pragmatic operational experience to help the business grow.

This long-term view and growth mindset allow us and the managers with whom we partner to make decisions that are best for the company and its stakeholders.